For whatever reason, I have this fascination with typing text into a machine and watching it repeat back to me exactly what I told it to do - often not what I intended for it to do. I've done a little of just about everything related to 1's and 0's. Back in school, I was fascinated with low-level hardware - fun things like transistor design, computer architecture, and assembly code. But at some point, I realized I couldn't build a fab in my backyard, yet I could turn on my laptop and build an application in a day, so I turned my attention toward software. Still, I fully realize the only reason great software engineers exist is because of great hardware engineers.

I used to spend most of my time in C++ and C#, with a particular hatred of everything remotely related to Java. Then I learned dynamic languages like Python and JavaScript and found that programs that used to take me a week of C programming could be accomplished in an hour. My current favorite all around language is probably Python, but lately I've been spending most of my time with web technologies such as AngularJS, Ionic, or NodeJS.

I live in sunny Southern California and occasionally visit the outdoors when I'm not staring at my computer screen. I enjoy running on the beach, throwing discs at oddly-shaped baskets, and visiting the mountains. Oh, and a great cup of coffee.

Also, I feel like I need one more paragraph to round out this about page. Unfortunately, I've run out of meaningful things to say, so I'll just have to wait for some more inspiration to finish this out. If you've made it to the end of this paragraph, you probably need more hobbies. Stay tuned...

Feel free to reach out: 7200rpm at gmail




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